Why Consider Building a Freelancer Marketplace?

With millions of freelancers looking for spaces to grow their profession, online freelance marketplaces have become the norm. Remote operations on these platforms provide freelancers with a global stage to demonstrate their talent and advance their career growth while maintaining full control over their work.

  • A whopping $6.56 billion global market size
  • Impressive growth trajectory of 16.66% CAGR (2024-2029)
  • Diverse target audience of small-size to enterprise-level businesses
  • Enhanced scope in launching niches-specific freelance marketplaces

Why Invest in Yo!Gigs to Create your Website like upwork?

Yo!Gigs is more than an Upwork clone script. It is a full-fledged service marketplace software with high-end capabilities to streamline both front-end and back-end operations.


Comes with all essential features to streamline freelance service operations.


Fully customizable to support any additional business requirements.


Highly scalable with unlimited listings, transactions, and user profiles.


Available at a one-time cost with 1-year of free technical support

How Does Yo!Gigs Works?

Designed to provide a superior experience to all user types including marketplace owners, freelancers, and customers, Yo!Gigs facilitates freelance marketplace operations in the following ways.


  • Onboards the marketplace with a detailed profile
  • Views the task/projects and sends a proposal with a bid
  • Collects client requirements and works on the task


  • Signs up on the marketplace and uploads a task/project
  • Views the proposals/bids and selects a freelancer
  • Reviews the work and closes the task/project
Supports Two-way Operations

Customers can do both direct hiring and job posting on your Yo!Gigs-powered freelancers marketplace.

Supports Multiple Job Types

Jobs are further divided into multiple types, for example, biddable, fixed price, public, and private jobs.

Simplifies Payments and Commissions

Set and levy your own commission rate and payment withdrawal settings for freelance professionals.

Supports Conflict Resolution

Help customers resolve any work or payment-related issues with a built-in conflict resolution system.

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Salient Features of Yo!Gigs

For Admin
For Admin
  • Custom Registration Fields
  • Admin Approval on Registration and Listings
  • User Profile Management
  • Portal Management
  • Payments and Commission
  • Analytics and Reports
For Freelancers
For Freelancers
  • Extensive Freelancer Profiles
  • Complete Task Management
  • Bidding Management
  • eWallet Management
  • Hourly Freelancing Rates
For Customers
For Customers
  • Advanced search filters
  • Biddable and fixed-price jobs
  • Public and private jobs
  • Invite to job
  • Conflict resolution
  • Chat Messenger

Our Tech Stack

Yo!Gigs framework includes handpicked technologies to provide you with an enterprise-grade freelancer marketplace. You can freely rely on your Yo!Gigs-powered freelance marketplace to handle unforeseen instances.

  • No compromise on speed
    and performance

  • Robust database with

  • Limitless scalability for
    freelance businesses

  • Seamlessly integrate with
    all popular APIs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using Yo!Gigs to build your marketplace like Upwork?

Yo!Gigs is more than an UpWork clone script, it is an advanced freelance marketplace solution with state-of-the-art features to help you facilitate both white-collar and blue-collar service operations. Some of its key benefits are:

  • Advanced freelance marketplace features
  • Supports two-way operations (job posting and direct hiring)
  • Available at a one-time cost
  • Highly scalable with unlimited listings and transactions
  • Fully customizable to support any additional business requirements
What do you mean by fully customizable?

As fully customizable solution, you can get in touch with our experts to add any software integrations, customize workflows, or change any design elements as per your business requirements. Additionally, our business analysts can also help you find out any additional features or integrations required to materialize your unique business idea or streamline operations. Lastly, our fully customized solution is also available at a one-time cost.

How is Yo!Gigs fully scalable? And how does that benefit my business?

Freelance marketplaces often attract a lot of users, and to accommodate them, you need a scalable solution. When building your marketplace with a SaaS software, you will find restrictions on the number of listings, user profiles, and transactions. This hinders the scalability of your business. Meaning, that to accommodate any business growth, you will need to upgrade your SaaS package and pay more to your solutions provider.

However, Yo!Gigs is fully scalable. It supports unlimited listings, user profiles and transactions right from the very start. You can scale your business as much as you want without any software-based growth limitations.

How much do you charge for installation?

Our team does not levy any installation charges on our clients. All installations are done free of cost on client servers.

Can I migrate to your software from any other platform?

Yes, it is fairly easy to migrate to Yo!Gigs from any other platform. You can use Yo!Gigs in-built data import features for fast migration.

How long will it take to set up a marketplace like Upwork with Yo!Gigs?

Yo!Gigs is a readymade solution that comes with all essential features right off-the-shelf. For this reason, the time-to-market with Yo!Gigs is just 1-2 business days. Note that the deployment time can also vary depending on any required customizations.

Do I get any technical support with Yo!Gigs?

Yo!Gigs comes with free 12-months technical support to resolve any unprecedented bugs and errors in the source code. Additionally, training and customer support hours are also available.

How much does Yo!Gigs cost?

Please refer to this page to view Yo!Gigs pricing.

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