Scaling the Heights: Milestones Accomplished by TaskRabbit

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You need to create a website like TaskRabbit that can accommodate growth at all stages without increasing the overhead cost. This is where Yo!Gigs falls in with its lifetime usage license being available at a one-time cost.

2008 Launch Date
$80M Estimated Revenue
6M Total Tasks Booked
140k No. of Taskers

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Purpose Driven Features to Create a Website Like TaskRabbit

The handyman industry is fragmented with abundant websites and marketplaces. To make a strong entrance into the industry and deliver maximum value to customers, Yo!Gigs is studded with meaningful features that simplify handyman operations, right from hiring a tasker to task completion. Going one step ahead, Yo!Gigs is also fully customizable to help you do much more on your website like TaskRabbit.

Task Management

Task Management

Keeping track of all ongoing and completed tasks is one place. Also check payment status, tasker profile and reviews.

Background Check

Background Check

Manage and view bidding proposals on your marketplace. Customers can set maximum bidding amounts and bidding close dates.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

Target a diverse audience including non-native English speakers and migrant users with Yo!Gigs multilingual support.

Bidding Management

Bidding Management

Set a background checklist for tasker verification. The checklist can include documents like a passport, professional license, etc.

Content Management System

Content Management System

Manage web pages, blogs, navigation menus, FAQs, homepage sliders and all important content sections of your marketplace like TaskRabbit.

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Why Choose Yo!Gigs?

Yo!Gigs is a handyman marketplace solution that comes with a comprehensive suite of features to facilitate smooth and hassle-free handyman operations. Along with a robust platform to start your business operations, Yo!Gigs also comes with numerous benefits.

Lifetime Owndership
No Code Required

Yo!Gigs can help you launch your website like TaskRabbit immediately and reduces your time-to-market (TTM).

Different Ways to Generate Revenue on Your Marketplace Like TaskRabbit

Revenue generation through a single channel is simply not enough. For this reason, Yo!Gigs provides you with multiple revenue generation options.

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Take Control of All Operations from a Single Dashboard

Yo!Gigs helps you streamline operations without breaking a sweat. You will get the following benefits on launching your website like TaskRabbit with Yo!Gigs.

Two-Way Operations

Yo!Gigs enables interaction from both customers and taskers. Customers can browse various tasker profiles and find the tasker with the most appropriate skill-set. Simultaneously, taskers can also browse posted tasks and place their bids to secure a gig.

Bidding Oversight

Enable complete bidding management on your website like TaskRabbit. Customers can set a maximum bidding amount, select the bidding closing date, and view all received task proposals to select the most suitable professional for their job.

Task Monitoring

On Yo!Gigs, taskers can monitor their pending tasks with ease and track status till the time of delivery. To make your handyman website a reliable place for both taskers and customers, taskers can also review customers and set favorite customers.

Guaranteed Payments

Maintain cash flow and keep the business running with the easy-to-use digital wallet of Yo!Gigs. Customers can update their eWallets in advance to ensure guaranteed payments and help you make your handyman marketplace a reliable platform for all users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TaskRabbit clone?

A TaskRabbit clone is a platform that helps you conduct handyman services. The clone script can either be a complete copy of TaskRabbit or have some differences as well. Creating an exact replica of TaskRabbit website is not usually recommended as it can tarnish your brand image and may lead to copyright infringement.

Can I use Yo!Gigs to launch a business like TaskRabbit?

Yo!Gigs is a readymade handyman solution that comes with all the essential features to launch an online business like TaskRabbit. It allows customers to upload jobs and taskers can place their bids on those jobs as well. Furthermore, customers can directly view tasker profiles and hire them. In the backend, the business owner gets complete control for proper order and task management.

Do Yo!Gigs has an app like TaskRabbit?

No, but we can build an app similar to TaskRabbit under our customization.

Yo!Gigs is a TaskRabbit clone script?

Yo!Gigs is an all-in-one software purpose-built for Handyman businesses which is fully customizable and scalable unlike the taskrabbit clone scripts that are available in the market

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