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Want to Embark a Journey Like Thumbtack?

Thumbtack provides service in all 50 US states, featuring experts in over a hundred service categories. To build a similar platform, you need a Handyman Software that will assist you with task category management, service provider management, and business expansion. This is where Yo!Gigs exactly fits in with its dedicated features and unlimited scalability.

More Facts About Thumbtack -

2011 Launched in
250k Active Professionals
30k Services Completed Every Day
10M Total Users

Why Choose Yo!Gigs?

Yo!Gigs is not just a Thumbtack clone script but a complete service marketplace solution that helps entrepreneurs launch robust P2P marketplaces for both handymen and freelancers. It has all the essential features to help you onboard and connect service providers with customers, track task progress, and timely disburse payments. Yo!Gigs’ intuitive frontend and full-fledged backend functionalities make it an ideal solution to launch your marketplace like Thumbtack.

Lifetime Owndership
No Code Required

Start your marketplace easily with no programming knowledge.

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Splendid Features to Manage your Home Services Marketplace

Complete home service tasks with comprehensive features that support your workflows at every stage of the business model. To meet any additional requirements of your website like Thumbtack, Yo!Gigs is also fully customizable.

User Management

User Management

Create custom sign-up forms for both users and service providers. Also view task history, hourly rates and verify background.

Custom Task Categories

Custom Task Categories

Create custom task categories to feature on your home services marketplace. You can also expand your services to a new market any time.

Profile Creation

Profile Creation

Allow service providers to create detailed profiles. They can select their services, set rates, upload portfolios and even switch to customer profile.

Job Posting

Job Posting

Allow customers to upload detailed job postings on the marketplace. Service providers can browse these jobs and place their bids.

Advance Deposits

Advance Deposits

Guarantee on-time payments to service providers by allowing customers to upload an advance deposit in their eWallets.

Commission Management

Commission Management

Set your own percentage commission rate and automate collection on each and every payment.

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Your Path to Profit on Yo!Gigs

Yo!Gigs supports multiple revenue generation streams that entrepreneurs can utilize to grow and increase their profit.

Commission Charges

Earn commission on each and every service booked on your marketplace.

Membership Charges

Sell privileged membership packages for both customers and service providers.

Featured Listing Spaces

Help service providers boost their earnings by featuring them on highlighted spaces.

Display Ads

Generate revenue by displaying third-party advertisements throughout your marketplace.

Manage your Website like Thumbtack from a Single Dashboard

Service Monitoring

Keep real-time track of every service booked on your platform. You can check payment status, service status, service provider hired, task history, service charges and more, all in a single dashboard. Furthermore, you can manually approve service provider registrations and perform background checks.

Payment Control

Stay in control over all payments that take place on your website like Thumbtack. You can set a minimum withdrawal amount for service providers, set and automate commissions, enable advanced deposits for guaranteed payments, and utilize multi-currency payment options.

Content Management System

Manage homepage, landing pages, and blogs with Yo!Gigs advanced content management system. You can personalize your entire store the way you want and also create custom email templates for welcoming new sign-ups, confirming new orders, and sending other notifications.

Two Way Operations

While Thumbtack only supports one-sided operations where service providers create profiles and customers browse them, Yo!Gigs supports job posting as well. This makes Yo!Gigs a two-way operations platform where both customers and service providers can take the first step to connect with each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Thumbtack Clone Script?

A Thumbtack clone script is an exact replica of the Thumbtack website that assists entrepreneurs in launching a similar home services business. However, it is important to note that on a clone script, only the front end will match with Thumbtack, whereas backend options can vary.

Is Yo!Gigs a Thumbtack Clone?

While Yo!Gigs is a full-fledged services marketplace solution, it is not an exact replica of Thumbtack. It has several design variations and even comes with additional features such as bidding system, job posting, task grouping, favorite customers, etc. That being said, Yo!Gigs can be easily used to launch and manage a website like Thumbtack.

How much does Yo!Gigs cost?

Yo!Gigs is available in two packages, both of these packages come with lifetime usage licenses:

  • Yo!Gigs GoQuick
  • Yo!Gigs GoCustom
How is Yo!Gigs better than other service marketplace software and clone scripts?

The eCommerce industry is flooded with numerous service marketplace software. Unfortunately, the majority of those software are available as services, what we also call the SaaS model. Meaning, you pay a monthly or yearly recurring fee to use the software installed on the company’s very own servers and also have to oblige to their terms and conditions that include limited features and scalability options.

In contrast, Yo!Gigs is a perpetually licensed software that you can install on any servers of your choice and use for a lifetime. After purchasing the software license, you completely own your marketplace and there are no restrictions on features and scalability. You will get to access all features and unlimited listings and transactions right from the beginning.

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