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Based in the US, Airtasker is the home to over 2.1 million members who routinely upload and complete tasks in hundreds of task categories like plumbing, gardening, electricity, cleaning, cooking, IT, etc. With convenience and efficiency in the forefront, Airtasker is committed to make a difference in people’s lives and empower service providers by helping them get more work.

More Facts About AirTasker -

1M+ Customers
2.5M+ Tasks Delivered
4M+ User Reviews
37M+ Jobs Per Month

Why Choose Yo!Gigs?

There are not one but several reasons business owners prefer Yo!Gigs over other software. As a complete business solution for freelancing marketplaces, Yo!Gigs provides everything that entrepreneurs require along with the following benefits.

Lifetime Owndership
Requires No code

With Yo!Gigs, no programming knowledge is required to operate your marketplace.

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Elegant Features to Manage to your Website like Airtasker

Loaded with essential features to help you create and manage a taskers marketplace, Yo!Gigs is a versatile solution with which you can deliver maximum value to your core customer groups. Additionally, you can customize the solution to add your favorite business tools and introduce new features as well.

Job Posting

Job Posting

Allow service seekers to upload detailed tasks with images, description and budget amount on the marketplace.



Taskers can review tasks and send detailed proposals for each and every bid they place.

Direct Hiring

Direct Hiring

For simplified operations, Yo!Gigs lets customers view tasker profiles and hire them directly without posting a job.

Task Management

Task Management

Manage all uploaded tasks with task list, custom task categories, task groups, inappropriate tasks, etc.

User Management

User Management

Approve and view tasker profiles, user profiles, create tasker background checklist and manage commission rate.

Portal Management

Portal Management

Manage homepage, landing pages, articles, header, footer and other sections from a single dashboard.

Explore Yo!Gigs Demos

Verify Yo!Gigs functionality yourself in our free to explore demos. No sign up or credit card information required.



Explore our intuitive frontend demo, where browsing and selecting services is streamlined and user-friendly

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FrontEnd Demo


Take a detailed tour of the admin dashboard of YoGigs to fully acquaint yourself with its capabilities and interface.

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Admin Demo

Service Seeker

Access your personalized Service Seeker Dashboard to track your orders, manage transactions, and communicate seamlessly.

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Client Demo

Service Provider

Utilize the robust Service Provider Interface to manage offerings, respond to clients, and analyze your business performance easily.

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Contractor Demo

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​Grow Faster with Diversified Revenue Generation Channels

For faster returns on investment, Yo!Gigs supports multiple revenue generation streams that you can easily set up on your tasker marketplace.

Commission Charges

Set and earn commission on each every task delivered on your marketplace.

Membership Charges

Sell privileged membership plans to both customers and taskers.

Featured Listing Spaces

Provide customers with the featured listing option to prioritize their tasks.

Display Ads

Earn via displaying third-party advertisements at various spaces on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I migrate to Yo!Gigs from any other platform?

Yes, it is easy to migrate from any other platform to Yo!Gigs. We even provide full training and documentation for migrating purposes.

What is the pricing of Yo!Gigs?

Yo!Gigs is available at a one-time cost and comes along with a lifetime usage license. It is divided into two packages: Yo!Gigs GoQuick and Yo!Gigs GoCustom.

While the GoQuick package is a ready to deploy solution that comes with the same design and functionalities as in the demo, the GoCustom package is fully customizable so that you can introduce any design changes, features and third-party integrations.

What if I want a separate design from Airtasker but same functionality?

You can customize both the packages of Yo!Gigs as per your requirements. These can include custom homepage design and landing page designs. For more information, share your requirements with our business experts.

How is Yo!Gigs better than other software available in the market?

Yo!Gigs differs from other solutions available in the market in terms of hosting, flexibility and long-term cost effectiveness.

As the majority of handyman software available in the market are SaaS software, they come with recurring prices and have limitations in the number of features, users, listings and transactions. This takes away a lot of flexibility from the business owners, as in order to grow, they have to upgrade their SaaS package and spend more. There is no such problem with Yo!Gigs. It is fully scalable and comes with unlimited listings, transactions, user profiles and all features unlocked from the very start.

Additionally, Yo!Gigs is a self-hosted software, which provides you with the freedom to select a faster and more secure third-party server or just install Yo!Gigs on your in-house servers.

Is it easy to use Yo!Gigs?

To ensure ease of use in Yo!Gigs for the admin, taskers and customers, we have made the software highly intuitive. This means that customers can easily browse through web pages and easily upload a task. Similarly, taskers can browse those listings and send a bid. On the other hand, the admin can easily navigate through various settings and do changes on the marketplace.

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