Enter the Service Marketplace Industry with 4 Easy Steps

Embarking on a business journey seems challenging at first and launching a service marketplace is no different. However, with Yo!Gigs, you can let automation handle the majority of administrative work while you focus on your next course of action to propel business growth.

Step 1
Choose a Yo!Gigs Package

Select a Yo!Gigs package that you find the most suitable for your service marketplace idea. Depending on your requirements, our experts may recommend you a specific package, but as the business owner, you get complete discretion in the package you choose.

  • Yo!Gigs GoQuick: Comes with the default design and only takes 3-4 working days to set up.
  • Yo!Gigs GoCustom: Fully custom design with exclusive rights. Deployment time varies on the customizations required.

After purchasing a package, you will get a single domain Yo!Gigs license with all features and customizations stated on it.

Choose a Yo!Gigs Package
Step 2
Set Up and Install

Provide us with your selected hosting server or consult our experts for a recommendation. Once done, you leave the set up and installation to us.

  • We will set up Yo!Gigs on your hosting server, including all custom features and integrations stated in your license
  • After the marketplace is ready, we will handover the platform to you so that you can verify everything up to your complete satisfaction.
Set Up and Install
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator

A dedicated project coordinator serves as your main contact for all queries and feedback related to your project development

Tech Specification
Tech Specification

Our project coordinator outlines and communicates the technical details of server and hosting services to your team

Testing and Deployment
Testing & Deployment

Testing is conducted to identify any errors or glitches in the system. Once the results meet our standards, YoGigs is deployed on your server.

Step 3
Configure the Marketplace

Set up your primary web pages such as homepage, contact us page, about us page, registration, etc. Along with setting up the pages, you also need to configure some settings in order to get started:

  • Some of the major settings you need to take care of are country/region management, payment gateways, email and SMS templates, terms and conditions.
  • For adding initial services, deploy pre-launch marketing campaigns or create jobs that will attract service providers on the marketplace
  • Additionally, you can also partner with existing agencies to onboard service providers on your platform

Review the entire platform to ensure it is ready to enter the market and help you progress your business vision.

Configure the Marketplace
Step 4
Manage your Marketplace

Finally your services marketplace is set up and ready to enter the market. For getting the first few customers and expanding your business, you will need proper administrative management.

  • Use Yo!Gigs marketing features to attract more service providers and customers
  • Keep track of each and every order and service delivered from the task management tab
  • Make data driven-decisions with the help of auto-generated advanced analytics and reports
Manage your Marketplace

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I migrate to Yo!Gigs from my existing software?

Yes, it is possible to migrate to Yo!Gigs from other handyman software. For any assistance, book a consultation call with our experts.

What type of marketplaces can I start with Yo!Gigs?

Yo!Gigs can be used to launch a variety of service-based marketplaces. These can include handyman marketplaces, gigs marketplaces, home service marketplaces, elderly care marketplaces and baby sitters marketplaces.

Can I see Yo!Gigs in action before buying the software?

You can book a free personalized demo with our experts where we can demonstrate you the software’s full capabilities as per your business requirements. Likewise, you can check out our free-to-explore demos anytime on this page.

How is Yo!Gigs different from other software?

Yo!Gigs is a self-hosted solution available at a one-time cost. As the solution is hosted on your choice of servers, it is fully scalable. Meaning, you get unlimited listings, transactions, user profiles and access to all features at a one-time cost. This makes Yo!Gigs very cost-effective in comparison to other software that mostly have recurrent billing.

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