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Handyman Service Marketplace   

Yo!Gigs is loaded with True Fit-for-Purpose Capabilities for Bringing Service Providers and Seekers Together

All the Features You Need in Your

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Delivers Maximum Value to All User-Types

For frictionless operations, Yo!Gigs meets the end-user expectations of all its user-types. It encompasses usability and intuitiveness on all fronts, ensuring both customer satisfaction and effortless management.

Yo!Gigs Features to Reduce Workload and Maximize Efficiency

Task Management

Keep tab on all tasks posted and provide much more to end-users

Task List - Manage all tasks from a single tab. Get a complete overview, change status and verify payment.

Custom Task Categories - Create default task categories and subcategories for easy classification of tasks

Bidding Management - Allow customers to set a minimum bidding price along with closing dates

Inappropriate Tasks - Allow taskers to mark unprofessional and fraudulent tasks as inappropriate 

Task groups - Customers can group different types of tasks together for simplified management

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Marketplace Management

Manage your on-demand marketplace your way.

Commission management - Set your own commission rate and levy it across the marketplace

Admin user management - Create multiple sub admin accounts and assign roles for end-to-end management

Multi-lingual support - Add content in English, French and Spanish to target a multilingual audience.

Notifications and Alerts - Receive each and every order, task and feedback update in the admin dashboard

Payment Settings -  Enable online transaction with PayPal and payment gateways

Manage Your Handyman Marketplace with Advanced Management Features

Portal Management

Manage webpages, content blocks and more with Yo!Gigs

Web page management - Easily create and manage new web pages to customize your marketplace 

Banner management - Manage the homepage banner and set sliding banner images to invoke customer response

FAQs management - Create and categorize FAQs for easy assignment on content pages 

Testimonials management - Review customer testimonials for publishing and managing inappropriate/spam content

Footer navigation management - Customize your marketplace’s footer section for quick navigation

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User Management (2).png

User Management

Create an online community of genuine and verified users

User profile management - Manage user profiles and access task history, registered email address and more

Withdrawal request - Handle eWallet earnings and withdrawal requests for quick payments

Fund deposits - Enable customers to deposit advance eWallet funds for guaranteed payments

Tasker approval - Review tasker profiles and approve genuine taskers on the marketplace

Background checklist - Set a background checklist for taskers, such as social security number, passport and driving license


Enable multi-way operations from both customer and tasker-end

Job posting - Enable customers to upload detailed jobs with images, descriptions, budget and more.

Direct hiring - Along with job posting, customers can browse tasker profiles and hire them directly

Favorite taskers - Customers can set their favorite taskers and send them automated invitations when posting new jobs

Email updates - Create custom email templates and send notifications at all stages of hiring and job completion

Reports and analytics - Make data driven growth decisions with Yo!Gig’s advanced data analytics and reporting

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Expand operations with thoughtful promotions

Coupons management - Create flat and percentage discount code coupons with many options

Blogs and articles - Utilize content marketing for promoting your gigs marketplace and available services

SEO optimization - Optimize web pages and blogs for high rankings in Google search engine results

Verification badge - Promote vendors and establish trust by using verification badge on vendor profiles.

Grow and Manage your Handyman Business with Yo!Gigs

Browse Yo!Gigs in our Instant Explorable Demos

See Yo!Gigs in action without providing email address, credit card or any other personal details.

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1. What type of service marketplaces can I start with Yo!Gigs?

With the help of Yo!Gigs, entrepreneurs can launch various types of online marketplaces such as handyman marketplace, freelancers marketplace, artists marketplace, babysitters marketplace, caretakers marketplace, etc.

2. Can I customize Yo!Gigs to match my business requirements?

Yes, Yo!Gigs is a fully customizable software. For any customizations, feel free to share your business requirements with our experts here.

3. What type of licensing do I get with Yo!Gigs?

Yo!Gigs is an on-demand marketplace software that comes with a lifetime usage license available at a single one-time cost. You get complete control over your marketplace and there are no monthly or yearly recurring payments.

4. How to get started with Yo!Gigs?

There are 4 easy steps to get started with Yo!Gigs, beginning with purchasing the license. Once you have got the license, our team will reach out to you for a hassle-free installation. Refer to this page for complete information.

Ready to Build your Online Service Marketplace with Yo!Gigs?

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