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Best On-Demand Home Service Marketplace Solutions

Find the Best Solution to Manage your Home Services Marketplace

The online home services industry is worth $4.66 billion in 2023 and is increasing at a CAGR of 13.4% in the period 2023-2027. Saturated with large-scale and small-scale online players, the industry provides on-demand home repair and maintenance services in residential areas and also to corporate offices. 

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A few reasons behind the increasing popularity of online home service marketplaces is the convenience they provide to customers. Within a few clicks on the home services marketplace, customers can book a home service expert who can provide a quick solution to a wide variety of plumbing problems, electricity troubles, cleaning issues, roof repairs, and more.

To understand why launching a home service marketplace is a profitable business idea, let’s take a look at a few common home service problems and the inconvenience caused by them to customers:

  1. Water pipeline leakages often lead to increased water bills and wall damage

  2. Frequent power outages and electricity problems turn into home security concerns

  3. Water dripping from taps and electrical buzzing in home appliances often lead to sleep disruptions 

  4. Malfunctions in HVAC equipment create discomfort in all seasons

  5. Electricity issues, especially in the kitchen lead to food spoilage

  6. Blocked sewer lines lead to odor issues and affect house hygiene

Home service marketplaces help people address these issues by providing customers with a platform that has hundreds of skilled professionals. Customers can browse individual service professional profiles and hire a professional that best qualifies for their requirements. When combined with the trust and reliability of an online brand, customers believe the fixes to be more effective and long-lasting.

However, to enter the industry, there are numerous home service marketplace solutions available in the market. For your assistance, we have created a list of the top 5 home service marketplace solutions that you can check out.

Our Selection Criteria

There are numerous home service marketplace solutions available in the market. Comparing them all and finding the best one is difficult and depends on individual business requirements. The features that you consider important for your business model may not be that useful for another entrepreneur and vice versa. Thus, considering this dilemma, we did our evaluation based on the following criteria.

  1. Ease of Use: How easy it is to navigate through the various settings plus the front-end’s user-intuitiveness. 

  2. Key Features: Whether the solution has the necessary features to manage orders and payments.

  3. Marketplace Management: Efficiency of the solution in managing multiple service providers, users, and service provider payments.

  4. Long-Term Value: The value that the home service marketplace solution provides in 5-6 years.

The Most Reliable Home Service Marketplace Solutions for 2024

1. Yo!Gigs

Yo!Gigs - On-Demand Service Business Software

Yo!Gigs is one of the only few self-hosted home service marketplace solutions available in the market. Being self-hosted gives it an edge in terms of security and cost-effectiveness. To make sure the solution is user-friendly, Yo!Gigs has well-optimized workflows and a responsive design suited for all screen sizes. For managing operations, it comes with an advanced feature set inclusive of order management, user management, task management, background verification, custom emails, bidding module, task groups, etc. 

For managing service professionals, Yo!Gigs has a comprehensive vendor management module that allows you to set your own commission rate and payment withdrawal settings that include a minimum withdrawal period, and threshold amount. As Yo!Gigs is available at a one-time cost with unlimited listings, transactions, and users, it is highly cost-effective in the long term and can support your home services business at all stages of growth.

Out of all the solutions mentioned in the list, Yo!Gigs is 100% dedicated to handling marketplace operations and thus is the most recommended solution to launch a home services marketplace.


Learn More About Yo!Gigs in a Personalized Demo


2. Field Edge


Field Edge is a comprehensive software to handle entire teams of home service professionals. It comes with a user-friendly interface that updates the marketplace owners on every stage of order completion. Due to a highly relevant feature set, Field Edge can be used to start your home service business in various niches including gardening, plumbing, roofing, clearing, electricity, etc.

Field Edge is integrated with Quickbooks for accounting purposes, reducing accounting mistakes and streamlining all accounting work. It also has an extensive reports and analysis module to help you track sales performance with powerful metrics. Lastly, it has an image attachment system that allows service professionals to send post-work images to customers. Unfortunately, commission management settings are missing in Field Edge.

3. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a leading SaaS solutions provider in the home services industry. It helps business owners schedule tasks, dispatch servicing professionals, and collect payments through invoice generation and payment gateways. Moreover, with the help of Housecall Pro, business owners can create new tasks and recurring jobs from anywhere. They can access a professional’s work history and edit job details.

For communication purposes, Housecall Pro has custom text and auto-notification systems. Housecall Pro also supports a commission module that lets the business owner send varying commissions to different service providers. For sending payments to service professionals, Housecall Pro has a separate payroll system.

4. Field Complete

Field Complete is a home service software that is dedicatedly developed for contractors. However, it can also be used for managing home service marketplace operations. From task management to dispatching professionals and tracking live status updates, Field Complete supports them all. Field Complete also has an exceptionally simplified interface to help you automate operations. 

Some advanced features of Field Complete include live GPS tracking, partial payments, and prepayments. It also has a separate feature to allow service professionals to send on-site job estimates. The only con to Field Complete is per-user charges, which start after you add a fourth member. This limits the scalability of the software for large-scale businesses.

5. Service Titan

Service Titan as a home services solution helps business owners manage scheduling, invoicing, orders, and payments. It has dedicated modules to handle both front-end and on-field operations. Some of those operations include job costing, project tracking, crew management, two-way SMS, and auto reports.

For managing multiple service providers, Service Titan also has an easy onboarding process. However, just like Housecall Pro, Service Titan has a payroll system instead of commission management. In the beginning, users may find a learning curve with Service Titan but gradually, will be able to manage all their home service operations with ease. 


To come up with these 5 solutions, we had to explore multiple home service software. As the majority of them looked more promising for managing single-vendor on-field operations, they failed to meet our criteria for marketplace operations. Even in the list, certain solutions do not completely support marketplace operations but because of their feature set and ease of use, can be used to operate a marketplace. Nevertheless, when pitched against each other, Yo!Gigs turned out to be an obvious winner because of marketplace-focused design and highly relevant features. You can also book a one-on-one Yo!Gigs demo by clicking here.


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