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How to Build a Service Marketplace for Electricians and Plumbers

Updated: Jan 3

Building a Service Marketplace for Electricians and Plumbers

Both electrical and plumbing service markets are soaring high with 11-digit market share. While the valuation for the global electrical services industry is $301 billion, the same for the plumbing industry is $91.68 billion. These powerful statistics are indicative of the tough competition and scope of expansion in the industry. The best way to expand a local electrical or plumbing service business is by going digital. 

In this article, we have covered the various benefits of going digital with your electrical/plumbing service business and also shared an outline of how you can develop your service marketplace with Yo!Gigs.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Launching an Electricians and Plumbers Marketplace

1. Helps you Target Wider Markets

With offline business, your clientele network stays limited to a specific group of people who either live very close to you or are your old customers. To increase your customer base, you have to rely on referrals and references, or probably sign up on highly competitive home service marketplaces. This diminishes the scope of business in both the short run and long term. By going digital, you can target wider markets, including people from all areas of the city. The only thing you require is an online marketplace and SEO knowledge.

2. Helps Explore New Target Regions

Being online means that people can search and view your marketplace from anywhere. This can help in expanding your business operations in neighborhood and distant cities. With the help of local SEO, you can secure top positions for your marketplace on Google Search Engine Pages (SERPs) and then scale up by hiring local service providers who can visit the customers and deliver service on your behalf.

3. Builds a Brand

Having a digital presence has become an imperative element of building a brand. You can easily convey your business values, vision, and mission statements to customers, and via social proofing, such as reviews and testimonials, people will also start treating your business as a well-established brand. Additionally, in the digital era of today, having an online presence will give you a competitive edge as well.

4. Brings Automation

By building your electricians' marketplace, you can immensely reduce paperwork. You can accept 24/7 online bookings and send quotations. Some online service software even allow you to set fixed prices for different services so that payments can be managed without quotations. Likewise, you can easily track orders, get status updates, and preserve order history. Lastly, automated analytics help you make important business decisions.

5. Easy to Manage

Managing your entire electrical service or plumbing business becomes easy via the multiple management options and an easy-to-use interface. You get entire control of your business in the admin dashboard. For example, you can view customers, and registered service providers and even send messages and notifications. In case of any new bookings, both you and the booked service provider will receive a notification. During the time of service delivery, the service provider can send you real-time updates as well.


Ready to Go Online with your Electricians/Plumbing Business?


Workflow of Electricians and Plumbers Marketplace

There are two popular workflow models for the service-based marketplace, which are direct hiring and job posting. Both these models have three user-types.

  1. The marketplace owner

  2. Service providers or employees

  3. Customers

All these user types interact in the following manner on the marketplace to execute operations:

1. Service providers or employees sign up on the marketplace and create their profiles

2. Direct Hiring: Customers visit the marketplace, view service provider profiles, and hire them directly

In Job Posting: Customers upload detailed descriptions of their job and the marketplace owner sends a price quote

3. Service providers directly interact with customers to schedule a visitation and deliver the service

4. After the service is delivered, customers can drop a review and rating for the service provider and the company

How to Build an Electricians/Plumbers Marketplace?

Although there are multiple ways to build an electricians and plumbers marketplace, we are going to focus on the one using readymade software. For developing all types of service-based marketplaces, Yo!Gigs self-hosted service marketplace solution is highly suitable. It comes with a wide range of features, including custom task groups, service provider management, direct hiring, job posting, bidding management, background checklist, verification badge, reviews and ratings, and more.

As Yo!Gigs is also a highly scalable solution with unlimited listings, transactions, and user profiles, it can easily support all stages of business growth. For cost-effectiveness, its lifetime usage license is also available at a one-time cost starting at $999. 


Want to see Yo!Gigs in Action?

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Revenue Streams Supported by Yo!Gigs

To help you generate revenue faster, Yo!Gigs supports multiple revenue streams:

  1. Service fees

  2. Service commission

  3. Third-party advertisements

  4. Subscription packages

Steps to Build Your Electricians/Plumbers Marketplace with Yo!Gigs

Step 1: Get your Yo!Gigs lifetime license by reaching out to our experts

Step 2: Our experts will guide you through everything and install Yo!Gigs on your servers

Step 3: Onboard electricians and plumbers (for single-vendor operations, onboard your own employees)

Step 4: Manage and grow your business


Online home service marketplaces are penetrating global markets. They are bringing a drastic change in consumer behavior by turning unprecedented levels of digital transformation into a reality. Earlier, consumers had to search for local service providers in the thick phone book directories, but today they can not only book service providers online but also upload gigs and view portfolios before hiring a serviceman. 

As these home service marketplaces grow and become the primary competitors of local electricians and plumbing businesses, it is highly recommended to make the digital transition in time and launch your own electricians/plumbers marketplace. In your digital startup, a comprehensive business solution like Yo!Gigs will be of immense help.

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